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Hey Duramax Gurus,
Here is my sad story. I was stacking my trusty Edge with a 65 hp tune from a predator. It was real and it was good, but it was not real good. I put the Pred behind my back seat and before i could restore the stock tune, some
^$%%@%$ stole it!
I assume I am SOL on any cure other than going back to a dealer and getting a re-flash. If so, anybody know what a god price is? Or better yet, does any tuner come with a stock tune pre loaded?
I put my faith in the forum....


Rare White CC GMC 2500HD (Don't see many like that in Fort Mac, eh? ) Edge Juice = Attitude ESPAR MAC Intake 4" Flo Pro & a Gnarly modified Grizz in the Box.
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