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jmaz268 has reported a post.

I one touched this guy, but I was on the edge of doing it or not.

Seems like a spammer that knows how to use the English Language.
Post: steering clunk
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Posted by: davecross1
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If the steering-clunking noise is driving you crazy, you can buy a kit on ebay that simply bolts on and permanently fixes the problem. Sometimes the ''hose clamp'' methon isnt enough to do it. The kit offers your money back!! Just go to ebay and punch in ''chevy steering noise repair'' and it'll come up. Hope this helps some of you.

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After checking out Ebay...I'd say it was the owner that posted on here.. Don't think he was a spam bot, just a guy looking for free advertisement. Heck...for 30.00 I might order it and see if it works :D
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