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he is not a vendor here. sneeking in advertising at my expense. Please remove this post and clean up this thread, if possible.
Post: KillerBee/ENER-vative tuning
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Posted by: MMLMM
Original Content:
why are there all the "8's"

Is that to make it sound as if hes dyno'd all of them, and trying to make it sound like "oh look, its ALMOST 200hp, everyone else would have rounded it off to 200, but look at me, look how honest I am, I dont round stuff, I give you the straight story truth"

Or am I the only person who saw right through that.
Sales pitch is all, Id be willing to bet maybe 1 tune has seen a dyno and that prolly from customer report....

Hey ill start doing this....

Race tunes:
13.999 tune
12.999 tune
11.999 tune

Sled pull tunes:
266 ft tune
288 ft tune
300 ft tune

Oh...... Squirrel!
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