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Killerbee has reported a post.

The usual harrassment....Brian has been targeting DRC for months.

This is the most gratuitous and damaging type of post...and the best thing, there are thousands of them. What more is required? If there is any resolve to clean up this site, it can't be done without starting here.
Post: Best Intake System ??
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Posted by: Hondarider552
Original Content:
Darn right $75 V.S. $300-$600 for a aftermarket intake system, that would be something good to inform people that are on a tight budget.

And you seem to be right in the thick of things, flapping your 19 year old diesel expert jaws.
Born sometime in the year of 1991.
That is a 19 years of age, punk, not years of experance.:rof
Um the stock filter filters just as good as your afe drop in, so I dont see an argument on your side. Maybe you wasted $75.. :rolleyes:

If im 19, that would mean I was born in '90, get your facts straight before you flap your dentcher filled pie hole. :cool:

Maybe when you contribute something to this forum and stop acting like you know everything about air induction people will stop getting on your ass. Run a max effort tune for once old man.
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