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Personal attack.

Calling me a Dick and now I have to be professional and not rip him apart.
Post: Idaho Rob vs Longhorn Fab Shop
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Posted by: ChevyHD
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OP I just watched your video and I wonder on something.... You lift and then tap back into it on both your Robs runs but stay buried to pull each ounce of ET out of Longhorns tune.

Why did you post a video showing your comparison if you weren't going to at least give Rob a decent shot.

Hell I can take anyone's crap tuning and make it look like it beats the best tuners tunes with some creative editing and pedal work.
Why would I try and make longhorn look better? I obviously prefer Rob's tuning. It was raining out and I don't think I hooked as well on my 0-60 with Rob's tune. Plus as said before, my edge insight is not real numbers...I wouldnt trust that thing. I tell ya what though, I'll do the run again and more filming just so you stop being a dick.

And as for some more feedback for ATP, the driveability is just incredible, I'm back to the 20+ mpg club. I was only averaging 17 with lhfs' tuning. The power just feels so much smoother as well!

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Issued warning and closed thread. It's played it's course and I don't feel like sifting through all the BS to figure out what should or shouldn't be there.
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