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delete this. i talked with tim and its all square now
Post: my experience w/ Tim Hecker & SJD
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Posted by: plowboy_lbz
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Since the last thread I commented on about Tim was deleted and I was told it was a “rant” I decided to write up a more formal thread about Tim and how I was more or less screwed by him and SJD. Tim lied to me, pushed the blame, and his customer service straight up sucked.

I first met Tim at the local farm shows when he worked at SJD. I made some small talk with him and seemed like he knew his stuff. I was new to the duramax and knew nothing about efi live, built trans, and I rarely got on the forums. SJD was the only shop around that I knew who did much with duramax so that’s where I went when I decided I wanted a built trans and efi live. Tim said his transmissions were great and so was his tuning. He built my trans first and then put efi on. My mileage dropped a little from my ppe but I had switchable tuning and it ran better ( I could put the power to it now with the new trans). He told me the truck should make 530-540 hp on the dyno. I got on the dyno at floor-it-diesel and was disappointed to see 503 in #4 and 497 in the big tune #5. My rail pressure in #5 dropped off big time. Desired at 26k actual at 19k, smoked bad, and egts hit 2000 deg. I called Tim disappointed. He said John’s dyno is about 20hp off on duramax and right on with cummins and psd. Then turned around and said he ment crank hp not wheel hp. I told him whats the next upgrade, turbo or fuel? He said do dual pumps, then twin turbos, then injectors, then build the motor. I said I just want a 600 hp truck not a 1000hp one. He said dual pumps would get me there. I told him about running out of fuel on the dyno, he said my cp3 was weak and I need to replace it and then add the second pump. Tim trashed talked John’s pumps and industrial pumps. John eventually talked me in to a modified pump.

Fast forward John gets my pump built. I price around for installs (I’m busy in the field and don’t have time to mess with it). Chevy wanted $850, another local shop wanted $750. I was surprised when Tim said they charge $600. I asked him several times to make sure he was right. He said bring it up he’d be happy to put it on. While they had it apart they did an egr delete and he was supposed to retune it and dyno it. I drop truck off he calls says drive gear is cracked, ok get another one. Then calls and says regulator is no good had to tear the truck back down to replace it. He then tells me he’s leaving and won’t have time it tune it till next week (1 ½ drive one way for me) Props to him for staying late to get the truck finished before he leaves. I call John he says gears rarely crack and mostly likely happened when they pulled it off. He says he tests all his regulators and can’t believe there was problem. I pick up the truck (expecting a $800-1000 bill) NOPE slammed with almost $2400. Yup wtf.

Driving the truck I notice rail pressure is still dropping in the big tune 23k vs. desired 26k. I think maybe a retune will be better. I take the truck back for a retune and dyno the next week. I bring out my bill and show Tim the horse shit they charged me. $280 for a gear, $180 regulator, $80 antifreeze, $17 for 20” of heater hose, $12 for two hose clamps, $975 straight charge for cp3 install, then another $650 to put new regulator back in. I confront him about telling me $600, he says no I never said that its $975, then comes back and says your right I did say $600 my bad. I confront him about the other bs charges, he says that’s what we pay so we pass it on. I ask him to help me out since he told me $600, throw in a free dyno, cut me a deal on turbo or turbo install when I’m ready. He says I can’t do anything its John’s fault for the extra $650 because it was his regulator that was bad. I tell him I’m taking the regulator bad John and if it tests good I’m going to be pissed. He said its John’s problem. When I told him what John said about the gear he told me that they didn’t crack it when they took it off, BUT if they had it would still be my fault since it was my cp3. I left there with nothing made right, no help at all. He retuned the truck and it made 582 once and 57x twice. He logged #4 tune (it held rail pressure) he did not log #5.

Two days later I go to floor-it-diesel. John tests the regulator on a truck he had there, runs perfect. Johns says they completely fucked me on the gear and regulator. He feels bad and would be more than willing to pay the $650 extra it cost me, but the regulator wasn’t bad so why should he have to pay? He said mostly likely they got some dirt in the fuel line and that’s what stuck the regulator. He offered to give me a gear and regulator to take back to SJD and see if they would at least give me my money back on the parts. (Tim said they don’t do that, so NO) John dynos my truck for FREE and I left there with a 562 run and a big tune that still won’t hold rail pressure. John talks to several different guys and believes the rail pressure is all in the tuning.

I call Tim the next day he tells me “ did he put the regulator on your truck?” me “no”, Tim “ well every truck is different you can’t go off of that. It might work on that truck but it doesn’t on yours” (really ?? wow) talk about trying to get out of taking any blame. I ask what he’s going to do about all this, he says nothing because nothing is his fault! Its all mine and John’s fault. I say I think something is wrong in the tuning as to why I’m still dropping rail pressure. He says its not in the tuning my injectors are bad, bring it up and we will replace them. I tell him I’ve had enough of this, John and I do not think it’s the injectors, I’m just done with this for now. Meanwhile another truck very very similar to mine puts out 50hp more on John’s dyno and wipes the floor with me in a drag race with atp tunes. A stock lly with atp tunes and trans wiped the floor with me when we raced.

John still felt bad about how I was treated and offered to call Tim and the owner Steve directly to see if he could get something worked out. He emailed me a couple weeks later and said they both pushed the blame of what happened and he couldn’t get anywhere.

Fast forward 6 months. I’m ready for a turbo, Tim is the first person I call to see if he will maybe cut me a deal. He’s busy, he’ll call back. I heard that many many times with no call backs. I call Mark at Danville and he makes me a deal on a turbo, so now I need tuning. I called Tim for over a month with no call back. I was going to give him another chance to tune my truck, but I got tired of waiting. The last time when he finally returned my call I told him I was over all of this and was switching to atp. He got pissed and acted like a complete jackass on the phone. I asked him to send my stock file to me he said I could drive up there and get it. Put rob’s tunes on and boy what a difference. Increased mileage a solid 1 ½ - 2 mpg and the rail pressure in the big tune holds 26K all day!!

Tim pushed the blame on everything that went wrong, and because I was a problem he then just ignored me. That shows how important customers are to him, and “how hard he tries to make them happy”. He did nothing to help me out what so ever. I know he doesn’t work there anymore but he did represent them. He never gave me his cell phone number otherwise I would have called him. He knew I was pissed, and he would have been too, but he could have called me and explained that he would do something if he could. He could have explained SJD just wanted to screw me and he couldn’t help it. Anything like that would make me think he was a stand up guy for at least trying, but he did absolutely nothing. He just went on the screw over the next person.

I give props to John Isaacs for everything he did for me. I only spent $1000 at his shop, but he bent over backwards for me when SJD did nothing and I gave them about $7000 in total.

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KEEP IT OPEN.... This guy just gone done and pissed me off.. he can look like an ass.
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