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Hey guys

As mentioned on title i recently bought 2017 sierra denali the problem i am facing right now is sometime my camera stops working and it says service the camera and then i also noticed that reverse light also stops working when camera not working it works sometime and sometime it dont already changed the rear camera once issue is same

dropped the car in GMC service center they told me that they need to change the entire fuse box in engine bay which i highly doubt that

Please help me if anyone knows the solution

Best Regards

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There is many possibilities and it’s impossible to tell you with any certainty what exactly is wrong with your truck that is causing this issue.

With that said, it sounds like the dealer is going after the intermittent reverse light issue which WILL cause an issue with the rear view camera. The reverse light signal voltage comes from the under hood electrical center so there very well could be an issue with that center that is causing your issue.
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