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Hey Guys Its getting that time of year and back to work on my D-max I go. Before I bought my truck they gave me a loaner till mine was cleaned and filled up. It was a SLT. The truck rode like silk over expansion joints etc.... blew my mind. I ended up buying a SLE2 and I noticed it seems a lot rougher alot of hop on expansion joints and you definatly feel more roughness. I use my truck as a daily driver to and from my shop about 30 min a day so better ride quality is important. I also use it to pull my trailers up to about 20k and I race usually every weekend during the summer. So I'm looking do work on my suspension right.
right now I'm on a stock suspension with fabtech tie rods, cognito braces. I am looking into Solastic Springs and caltracs for the back. And I can't decide between the blistien shocks or the HAL. I don't know anyone that has either to compare ride quality. the $600 for the hals seem a bit absorbiant but I don't know how worth it it would be as well the adjustibility of it I don't know if I would regularly be under the truck adjusting the shocks on the fly. Also I'm looking into upgradeing to a cognito leveling kit in the front. I don't really use this to offroad I have a m35a2 for that. So the heights not really a benefit for me, I just hear it's much easier on the front ifs, If I'm wrong please correct me. As well I was thinking about cognito upper control arms I hear there great but I'm not sure what the benefit would be over stock at stock height. I do notice my front toes out a bit and I've had it aligned twice since new. I'm wondering if it's the control arm or center link.
Any suggestions would greatly be appriciated.
Thanks as always guys.
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