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roll pan with hitch setup?

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im going to install a rear roll pan on my truck anyone know where i can get the hitch that goes behind the license plate?

also looking for a cowl hood if anyone has any good places
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The hood check out GOODMARK they make a nice steel hood. as for the hitch go to stylintrucks. they should have the hide a hitch
i dont think i want to do another whole hood i want to do a weld on style
hmm the only hitch they sell for the roll pan is for a 1500...
well i quoted everything out with shipping and it comes to 300 with shipping and everything

i think its going to look cool if anyone has this done let me know post some pics
I'm doing a roll pan in a few weeks and I was gonna cut my factory hitch to fit. As long as it still bolts up in the same place there shouldnt be an issue.
i think it will look good, give it a nice clean look
i think it will look good, give it a nice clean look
Hell ya. I think they look real good with no rear bumper. You get what I'm saying about the hitch? Make it shorter then drill new holes so it bolts up in the same place.
yeahi might just make a whole new hitch make it stronger and reinforce it better
So did ya find a hitch to go with the roll pan then?
Calm Down guys lol
Have you though about a tow beast. They go behind a roll pan nicely.
ill go take some of mine real quicl
if you guys have any pics i would appreciate it i dont know what i tow beast is lol
what the hell do you mean by the roll pan. im not trying to sound stupid but idk what that is and it bugging me
best way i can explain it is when you remove the bumper its a pan that covers up the frame and the space
Here it is, sorry for the bad lighting and low quality

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i can take some better one tomorrow if youd like
yeah thats pretty sweet what hitch is that i want that same setup
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