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Ordered parts over 1.5 months ago for a customers truck. Exhaust, S&B cold air intake, Predator programmer. They send us an intake for an 04.5-05. Order was for 01-04 LB7. After 1 month I finally get someone on the phone who says he will send the correct one immediately with a call tag for the LLY intake. O.K. GREAT, THANKS. Two days later I get an Email stating they WILL NOT send the correct one until I return the other one, they inspect it, and then they may send the correct one if the return is acceptable. Customer was already informed of the call tag scenario, and now thinks we are screwing him around. I cant blame him. I call RPM outlet again and finally get someone on the phone, they will not respond except thru Email now. So I Email them with roughly this same letter. Two days later I get an Email back stating they will Email me in 1-2 days as they are busy. That was on the 8th of May. Still have not heard from them on the 15th. So I call yet again on the 15th and 16th. Same story, "we will have that person call you in just a few minutes, he's on the phone." This was at 9 A.M. this morning. Still no call from them. Its now 1:30 P.M. So I call yet again, and now they hang up on me. I am now calling the credit card company and cancelling the entire payment, and we will see how long it takes them to contact me then. DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Bad thing is I have 4 other trucks to do for this customers construction company. Thought I'd try someone new. NEVER AGAIN. Sorry so long, but boy am I pissed. They have my credit card info, if I dont return the other one they can just charge me. The customer has it sitting in the box in the back seat of his truck, and I think he figures its been so long hes not giving it back until he gets the correct one. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE
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