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First of all I have a 2005 GMC Duramax LLY 6.6 2500 HD deleted EGR wanted to give you all the info needed.
Truck was running fine then decided to change the headgaskets , they werent completely out but were going.
Changed headgaskets . truck was unhooked from the battery for about 2 weeks.
Again truck was running fine prior with the Bullydog 40420
after changing head gaskets now Im getting codes P0202, P0405, P1404.
Runs for 5 minutes approximately then it loses power and starts rattling and making noise.
Does anyone know if the Bully dog would need to be totally reset after being unhooked from battery that long?
I did go in and reset the pyrometer to 1200. This time I thought it was good but it ran for like an hour (driving) but then it started doing the same thing and had to limp it home. Am I missing something here?
Please help! Gotta get this up and running without spending thousands at a shop.
Its gotta be something I missed as it ran fine before. Either I didnt hook something up right. hooked something up that shouldnt have been hooked up or something in the Bully Dog that needs to be reset.
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