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Revolver was only ever fired from a bench, never hunted and has been fired around 125 times for load testing and I can say without hesitation, this is a legit 200yd+ revolver. Can also fire 454 Casull and 45 Colt. All load testing proved to be extremely accurate. If interested, will share all load testing data. Reflex sight/scope/rings NOT INCLUDED. Original box and all components included.

Also have a Galco Kodiak Hunter holster (like new condition).
KODIAK HUNTER SHOULDER HOLSTER: Shoulder Holster Systems | Galco Gunleather

Also available (bullets/brass/ammo boxes/dies/ammo):

Hornady 200 gr FTX 113ct
Hornady 240 gr XTP 82ct
Hornady 300gr XTP 50ct
Barnes 200 gr XPB 40ct
Barnes 275 gr XPB 10ct
Brass (starline)
120 loaded (reloads) ammo (will share load data but selling as components)
RCBS dies

I mostly fired the revolver from a bench w/bipod and it is very manageable and will put a smile on your face with each pull of the trigger.

Happy to share additional photos.

Not looking for any trades, FTF in the Missoula area.

Revolver: $1265 (shipped FFL to FFL, AK add $35)
Revolver/Holster/Reloading Components: $1745


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44 mag for comparison

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