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SAS 19’ Denali Duramax
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In the process of doing a 20” SAS 4-link conversion on my 2019 L5P.
Running a set of 2015 F250 Dana 60 Axles.
Few questions I can’t seem to find answers for.

1. Does anybody know if there is a 4” dropped pitman arm out there for an 11-19 2500HD?
-Can only find a 3” drop. I’d like to keep that to my last resort.

2. Is there a pitman arm that is compatible with mine? (44 Spline 4 Key)

3. Is it possible to swap sector shafts or the entire gearbox out with one off of a Ford or Dodge?

4. Where can I find a One Piece Casted High Steer Knuckle? (Shown in pic below)
-I do not want one that bolts on or welds on to my existing knuckle.

5. What is the difference between the 99-04 and 2015 Dana 60 Ford axle?

Please let me know if you’ve ran into any of these issues or know any solutions. Thank you.
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