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Bought two more of these things today, to add to the fleet. First thing did was swap out the DEX VI for Delvac 1 ....

1. Drill hole in pan to let the Dex VI bleed out.
2. Remove pan and clean out all the crap
3. Add drain plug to pan at the hole you drilled
4. Reassemble with new filter and fill
5. Hot lap it around the block a few times
6. Drain and fill again.

Woo-Hoo!! Shifting is better, and the planetaries are quieter. Goes into gear immediately when "D" is selected.

Both units have 80k miles on them.

The first one I ever bought ( 14 years ago) I still have. 300k miles and all original. All on Mobil synthetic lubes.

Thanks Mobil !!
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