Recently I put up a post wanting to buy some GM cargo management hooks and this is what happened:

I'd like to report that I have been scammed. I received several emails about cargo hooks and simply went with the first person to email me. This person asked for $50 for 5 hooks. I sent them a check for that amount and simply told them to let me know when they received my payment. On March 8, about a week after I sent the payment, I received an email from them simply saying hello. At this point my gut told me something is wrong as that was an unusual thing to say for no reason. Anyhow, I asked if they received my check. They said no. Turns out they cashed my check on that same day. They sent no other emails after that until I sent multiple emails to them in the last two days. Now they are responding with the same "hello" and when I push further they are asking for another $20. At this point this person is a thief.
I want to make you all aware of who it is and what happened. This person must be a member here otherwise they would not have known I as looking to buy cargo hooks. In the email I was given the following name and address and that is who the check was written and sent to. It was cashed at PNC bank.

This is the thief who the check was written out and sent to:

Vivian Ader
45386 Montmorency Dr
Macomb, MI 48044