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service brake system

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ok i just put new pads and rotors on my truck and it still reads out service brake system? how can i clear this code and what to do? any help? oh and my abs lite is on but has been on and off sence ive owned the truck im guessing its from the over sized tires and chip rite?
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Hmm I never seen the light come on just because the pads are bad. With the light on theres a code in the system. Your gonna have to take it to a service place or possibly a auto parts store who can check the codes and tell yuo whats wrong. The service brake light could be the same rason the abs light is on.

The abs light wont come on from the tires and chip. Most likely a bad hub or wheel speed sensor :cool:

You have a bad hub or wheel speed sensor. Or you didn't get the abs sensor plugged in all the way. I had that happen on one of mine. The ABS light is on because my driver side sensor is bad. Your service brake like will come on if both of them are bad. Which happened to me. The passenger side wire got ripped apart so I just soldered some new wire in it's place and vwala back to just the ABS light being on. The sad part is the sensor's are no longer available and have been discontinued from what the guy at the local parts store told me so you have to buy a whole new hub. That's why I haven't replaced mine yet :)
ok i c! i just put two new hubs on the truck so that mite be it! i checked the wires and the plugs they were fine
i dont even pay attention to that stupid crap i wish i could rip out the part of the computer that sets of codes nothing but a bunch of crap

that thing comes on and goes off when it pleases

do it the old way drive it until it breaks than fix it
it does get on my nerves im gonna take out the abs lite when i put leds in the cluster! put i found out why the service was coming up! the wires got rubbed in two by the rotor down low! but fixed it
There ya go!
These trucks had a TSB for a bad G110 ground, which would set a c0265 code, turning both the ABS and service brake lights on. Mine had these lights on intermittently, then all the time until I fixed the ground. It is located on the cab support just under the driver's door. Remove the bolt, clean the bolt, ring terminals, and frame real well, and reassemble. I found some undercoating between the frame and rings, some brake cleaner took it right off.
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