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2006 Sierra 2500HD SLT LBZ 4x4
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Last week I brought home a 2006 GMC Sierra LBZ CCSB 4x4. High mileage but very clean and bone stock. Seemed to run well during the test drive and had no signs of the common LBZ issues. Purchased and went about my way.

Day I brought it home

Someone painted the frame, doesn't look like they are hiding anything, looks just like my other truck.
Tire Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle Road surface

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive exhaust Auto part

After a wash and wax
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Car Tire

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

Sky Plant Wheel Automotive tire Tire

Plans as of right now are:
  • Esky antenna delete
  • Color matched fender flares
  • OEM cashmere vinyl floor mats
  • Full debadge
  • Cleared Denali headlights
  • Rear console cubby
  • Lowering shackles probably
  • I'd like to lose some weight on the truck and do a full exhaust. We'll see.
  • Esky handles
  • LEDs all the way around
  • white with red needles gauge cluster and red switches.
  • NNBS esky shifter

Ordered some tarminator to clean up some tar that seems to be on there and I have some paint to touch up a little bit.

2006 Sierra 2500HD SLT LBZ 4x4
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Unfortunately it seems as if I am having a couple issues. Sucks but I am not too down about it just yet. I drove the truck about 400 miles the first week I got it, maybe a little more, oil needs to be changed as I know it is probably old. Around me I could not find any full synthetic T6 so I had to order some and it just got delivered last night while I was not home so I am changing it today after work. Yesterday I turned the truck on and pulled it around the front of the house to load up a table, quick on and off. Truck sat 45 minutes and then turned it on to head up to the lake and boom CEL. Read the codes and here is what I got

P0101 Intermittent
P2563 Intermittent
P003A Intermittent
P2510 Confirmed
P2510 History

I haven't had the truck long enough to really determine if it is down on power or if my MPG has tanked. I cleared them Sunday evening but when I went to start the truck this morning all of them were right back on.
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