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So I’ve been having this issues for over a year now. Last year a trans fluid line blew and made The tranny slip with no fluid in it, good thing it happened a block from my house. After I fixed it up and re filled it she worked fine for few weeks then it started to get stuck into gear i believe when it was trying to shift from first to second then it would put it into N the first tome it happened I put on to much gas because I had no idea what was happening then it shifted really harshly into gear so I learnt to let go of the gas once I notice it. Well how I get through it is I shift it through all the gears back and forth untill I feel it go back into gear then I wipe the code with my efi then I’m good to go, and this usually only happens in the morning and cold weather. Another weird thing is it seems to happen when I turn left also, I replaced the tcm it fixed it for about a week then same thing happened again. Could anybody help me with this before I got completely drained from a transmission shop please! It’s a 2008 Duramax 3500 ltz
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