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Duals or single stack?

  • Duals like I had it

    Votes: 21 41.2%
  • Single like it is now

    Votes: 16 31.4%
  • Single black stack

    Votes: 14 27.5%

single or duals?

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Today I just took one stack off to put on my dodge and am wondering what you guys think. My wife really likes the duals and I like the single better I think!

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i like the single :rockin
What! How about NO stack?
but side exit floats my boat
No stacks, what kind of an option is that! :)
duels i think
single forsure
It's all about the DUALS baby !!!.

Now to get serious...... DUALS
do duals but actually spread apart the real distance
do duals but actually spread apart the real distance
^^^X2 on that !!

how often do you use your bed? if not alot i say duals. if alot then do single
singles dont look quite right to me, keep the duals!!
big single ftw
i like the duels, no on has them like that it like bad a$$
If I do go back to duals it will be with them closer to the center like I had it. I did it that way because there are next to no other trucks with them the way I did it. I had a dodge with them in the corners and wanted something different. I like it both ways!
duals but they are to close together spread them out a little more
I say stick to the single. Duals are for Dodges IMHO.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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