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Smokey stover

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Hi guys, fresh meat here. Just dumped my Dodge 24v for an 06 Duramax & Allison combo - truck has less than 1K on it, on the highway experienced loud clatter (sounded like spark knock on a gas engine) followed by large amounts of black smoke - lasted two miles and cleared up. Next day, dumped in fuel additive, worked fine for three days, than the black smoke again for two miles on the highway, no clatter this time, but loss of power. No lights, gauges all normal. Took it to the dealer today, and of course they couldn't find anything wrong, they test drove it with no problem, they test the fuel and it was fine, they dumped more conditioner in it and said they didn't know the problem. Anyone have any ideas or any info on this problem?
P.S. Glad to be here!! Even running poorly at times, it sure beats driving a Dodge:)
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Good to have ya here, hope you get the problem fixed up, these really are great trucks! AS for the problem i cant help ya this is a new one to me!:popcorn
my 06 did the same thing.i had bad fuel.(Water)after additives and fresh fuel all was ok.That happened about 12,000 mile ago.The truck runs and pulls great now.
I am by NO means an expert, just completely stabbing in the dark but you say lots of smoke, lots of clatter and low power kind of sounds like maybe your having trouble with the variable vane turbo. If you have a boost guage you should watch it next time it happens.

Its just a guess and Im probably WAY off.
do you happen to know who drove it before you? you never know what the first miles were!
ive heard of a few people having problems similar with the smoke and clatter @ idle.. seems that new software was the fix. wish i could help more.
Thanks for all the help, the problem seems to have cleared up - it was a leftover chassis cab that had set on the dealers lot for 9 months, and a GM rep told me that they have been having trouble with the new fuel and find when they set for long periods of time, algae forms in the fuel tank. I was also using an alcohol based additive which is not approved for GM use. It has been a few weeks now, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!! (the body upfit company also forgot to tighten the clamp on the one fuel tank filler neck, but that is another story!)
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