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So, Im looking to buy a kodiak...

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There is an US Marshal auction going on in SLC in a few weeks. They are selling a bunch of cars and motorcycles that this guy had collected over the years to pay back his victims from a ponzi scheme.

Anyway, they are starting the bids at 1/3 blue book value. Im very interested in this, how high should i go?

It has about 23000 miles, custom paint, air ride cab and chassis. it is a 2006, so i think it has the LBZ and the six speed?


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I have no idea but, that is one sweet truck!!!
go as high as you can afford. and then some... that thing is sweet looks very nice
yeah it is pretty sick
That truck is pretty sweet man. How much is it worth if u were to but it new like 100 gs?
According to what the chev dealership said, the truck alone goes for like 60,000 new, plus options and paint, i bet is it close to 100K!
you dont pay extra for accessories remember that ,
that truck was seized by the marshals from that multi millionare who did that ponzi scam in utah and idaho.
Im surprized that thing is still for sale, that auction was a couple months ago
Hopefully those graphics are vinyl and will peel right off. Geez that's unbelievably ugly.
even though its an 06 it'll have an LLY and a 5 speed

and x2 on it being ugly as sin.
Im surprized that thing is still for sale, that auction was a couple months ago
The auction was suppose to be a couple months ago. They posponed it because the dude filed a mothion in the court saying that the marshals had not done thier due diligence in determining the value of all the auction items. There are like 300 cars, trucks, and cycles. The judge threw out the motion on court this week and now they are up for auction again on April 1st

x2 on being ugly, i would repaint it black or white
^Hmmmm I might have to make a trip down there and check things out
is the auction still in North salt lake?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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