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Located in Pittsburgh Pa
I'm hoping it's not against the rules , I'd just line Best fair offer on these things

1)4 stock aluminum wheels from an 06 Chevy LBZ
2)Parker Racor fuel filter
3) internal Allison tranny filter
4) 2 gallons of Transynd
5) Neoform wiper blades
6) transmission pan gasket
7) Fass 095gph lift pump (unused )
8) 3/4 full container XDP
9) vane position sensor(used )
Rectangle Camera accessory Gas Audio equipment Gadget

Hand Textile Sleeve Automotive tire Gesture

Automotive tire Tin Motor vehicle Fluid Bumper

Musical instrument Wood Guitar accessory Material property Revolver

Finger Drill Metalworking hand tool Hammer drill Gas

Wood Floor Line Gas Flooring

Liquid Drinkware Fluid Food Ingredient


2007 GMC Sierra LBZ
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How much for OptiLube? Shipped to 46550?
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