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1997 Hummer, LBZ Duramax, Allison 1000
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I've been updating some things and I've removed some parts. Not really sure what they are worth. If the prices seem unreasonable feel free to send me an offer. Prices do not include shipping
Various rubber fuel lines - $20 each or all 4 for $60. These were never installed
Driver's side LBZ manifold - $10
3/8 inch inlet fitting - $15
Aluminum resonator blockoff $10
PCV Hoses - $20
PPE Fuel rail plug - $20
Plastic harness protector - $20
Fuel test port - $75
Not sure what to call it but the pipe that leads to the y bridge w/ block off plates - $30
Stock y-bridge - $10
Stock rail fitting - $10
Silicon couplers (about 3 inches I think) - $15

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