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SOS!! Having trouble starting truck.

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I have a 2002 duramax diesel that i have been working on for weeks now and im stumped.
It has troubles starting sometimes takes me as long as a few hours once the temp goes below 45 degrees. Once i finaly get the truck running, it runs great. getting on freeway, ill put it to the floor and it will hit 120 in no time. drive it untill it gets to running temp, park it, and wont fir back up.
220,000 miles

NEW (not reman) injectors with 15000 miles

Was running a edge cs programmer but it bunt up my pcm so now i just use it for gages

MBRP stainless 4" from turbo back.

AFE filter

Like i said, im stumped and this truck is my daily driver i need to get me to school and i dont have the money to take it to a dealership. I have put countless hours trying to diagnose this problem and ive gotten it down to i believe it being a fuel problem. Any ideas?
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You could be sucking air randomly from a loose filter or cracked filter housing. Your primer bulb should be hard all the time. I would check it first when you have a no start issue.
If the truck is off it should hold pressure on the fuel system. If it is not it has a leak in the system. I would start by checking the fuel filter. Then look for leaks around the filter head.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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