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Looking at getting new tires and rims real soon. I have a leveled SBC 4x4. Only wanting to go to 17" Rims due to the cost. I have really been wanting XD Spies and a little torn between the Nittos, BF Goodrich ATs, and Goodyear Silent Armours. Can save some money with the Nittos, but sounds like they wear quite a bit faster. I have Silent Armours on the company Ford and have been great in snow.

The other wheels I have looked at are the Ultra Mavericks. I do not like them as well, but sounds like they are significantly cheaper. I believe they have a 20mm offset.

My main concern is if I will have to trim anything running the 285 70 17's. Is anyone running this combo of wheels and tires with a leveled truck? And if the offset of +18mm will cause any problems. From what I have read, I should be all right.

Does anyone have pictures of Spies on a white leveled truck?
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