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From all I can figure, I most likely have a fuel filter issue, however this really confounds me as my new truck only has 900 miles on it and I am on my 3rd tank of fuel.

Engine is stalling and limping, no more than 2000 rpm, Check engine light is on(did clear once, but back on again). It is currently very cold out as we are enjoying a good Wyoming blizzard, but the problem started when it was about 35 degrees outside yesterday.

like I said, only 900 miles on a new truck, so let me know what you think.


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Why are you asking us? Id have it in the dealer! I here with problems like this you get best results if you place vehicle mid show room floor. :rolleyes:

Seriously its probably the injectors or pump driver. No sense worrying take it in.


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I doubt its the fuel filter unless your fuel happened to gel in the filter then in that case a simple filter change should fix it. If that is what happen i would not get fuel at that place anymore!!

Other than the filter it could be a bad pump or maybe a bad fuel pressure regulator valve!

Good luck, Keep us posted!
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