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Starter Issues

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hey i was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. On my truck, consistently when its cold and very rarely when its warm outside, the starter will miss, it is like it starts to spin the starter gear before the solenoid gets it all the way out to engage the flywheel, but it will only do it once, if i turn the key and it makes the noise i just let off and wait for the starter to stop spinning and then try it again and it starts right up. I looked it over thuroughly when i had the tranny replaced. there is no wear or damage on either the flywheel or the starter gear, and the tech said the starter was nice and tight in there when he took it out. when the tech that was doing the tranny swap(i worked at a chevy dealership) took out the starter one of the solenoid terminals broke so the dealership replaced the solenoid for free, but it still did not fix the issue. there are no burned wires and the windings in the starter look good, no hot spots that i could see with the fiber optic scope through the vent hole. there are no shims on these starters like the old stuff to my knowledge. any ideas?
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Might load test your batteries just to be sure
ive got two Optimas in it, there about 2 months old now. she spins strong and fast it just doesnt like to engage on the FIRST try when its cold.
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