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Starting Problems

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I have a 2003 GMC Duramax with Airraid cold air intake, Helix, and 4" Exhaust,
I've been having starting problems whenever the weather gets between 10 - 0 deg. Celcius any thing above or below this temperature it runs fine. As of the Last couple of days it was minus 15 Degrees Celcius and then the weather warmed up to 5 degrees celsius thats when the problem seems to start. I use diesel fuel conditioner and i change my filter every 20000-30000 km as recommended. I have brought it in and the dealership cannot get diagnosis for this problem. I have also had all 8 Injectors changed over the last
20000 km.

If anyone may have had this problem or may know what is happening please post.
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maybe something wrong with the fuel heater on the filter? When was the last time you changed your fuel filter? IMO that is too long to go for filter changes. Last one I changed was at about 9000 miles or anout 14400kms and it was almost all the way used up. (really black) I change mine with every oil is cheap insurance. Also, possibly your glow plugs or controller for them may be going. It is strange that you would have a problem at a small temp range though. Does it still do it when you plug in the block heater?
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