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step bars?

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I have a 2005 DM, crew 2wd with an 8' long bed. I use it to pull my 5th wheel RV. I'm interested in finding a manufacturer that builds a set of Wheel to Wheel step bars for my truck. I could purchase ones that only could be used for the short bed, but would rather find the ones that actually fit the length between the wheel wells. This length is measured to be about 125" or 10 ft.
I've emailed the Westin Auto company, and they said that they don't build any bars for the long bed, only for the 6'8" bed.
Any help from the forum would be helpful.
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If you find them let me know, I would like a set also.
Or just build yer own then have em rino lined.....tough 3x3 tubing works well

I know this is a Dodge but dont hold that gainst me .....I made em come out flush with my 19.5 wheels


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looks great whitmore
looks great whitmore
thanks man....lil car in the parking lot banged his door on it and then his door wouldnt close .......hehehheeheheheee
I'm still looking. I've found some that retail for over $900 plus shipping. These are 4" and would work. The only real problem is that I pull a 40' 5th wheel and have to look at all my weight, to make sure I don't go over the GVWR. I'll let you know if I find any here in the forum and the prices.
I did find this link and think that it is promising. Let me know what you think.
I've just ordered the bars that I wanted from this company. Here is the link to the page. My son actually found this one for me and I thought that I would pass it along.
Ass soon as I have them installed, I'll post a pic.
Thanks for all the great information.
Installed and happy

Here is the link for the product that I ordered and installed.
Nerf Bars - Full Length Truck Side Bars, Truck Sport Bars, Chrome Side Steps and Tubes
I know that I've posted this same link in the recent past, but am very happy with the product.
I've taken several pix before and after installation, and I'll post them tomorrow.
This product was easy to install with simple socket set. There was a torque requirement given in the installation brochure, and we followed the instructions and had them installed in about 1 1/2 hours, start to finish.
More later.
Here are the pix that I promised.
At least I hope that there is a photo attached. Let me know if there is one or not.
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