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So I spent the extra cash to get the cognito UCA kit.... cash in now or cash in later right?
Got some Tuff Country keys (the ones listed for my truck).
Installed the 33" tires on bad ass XD Misfits....

And it's rubbing like a bastard (on the rear lower fender edge, not just the wheel well liner)
And with the stock bolts maxed out and very little clearance left on the aftermarket keys.... it's at least an inch short of level.
And the ride is SHIT! Like riding in a tank.... or wheelbarrow.

I get the concept of cranking up the spring tension and having the initial suspension compression being taken up by pre-loaded springs..... it's not going to be like the cadillac stock suspension, but I know it's not as bad for other guys who have used different keys.

Buddy with the same truck, same 33" wheels and skyjacker keys reports no rubbing at totally level, and not a huge ride change.

Since my stock keys are a nice uniform rust colour.... I can't tell if maybe I got the aftermarket keys to replace non-purple stock keys, when I needed the ones to replace a purple factory key.

Are all 2009 2500HD LTZ 4wd keys purple? There is no way to tell on mine.

There had been a ton of cash go into this process.... only to have not enough clearance and a very shitty ride.

Ugh :cookoo[1]::cookoo[1]::cookoo[1]::cookoo[1]:
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