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Stock LBZ Numbers?

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What are some Stock Numbers from the Dyno? ANyone ran theirs or know of someone? I ran mine this weekend and was gonna see if it was in the ball park for a stock truck. It only has 4" silverline exhaust. That's it. It ran 331, 332 and 333 hp and 597, 599 and 608 on tq. I was happy. There were some good trucks there.

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Seems a bit high, but not totally out of reason. Some of the few i seen made right around 300 give or take a few and i'm sure you silver line let a few more HP out!

Good numbers though!!!!
i know of one that dynoed bone stock 318rwhp with 557rwtqr,that was a 07 LBZ 2500HD
Hey Ryan!

After you installed you exhaust system(T/B) did you have any SES light
on/off problems.

I,ve got a good deal on a MBRP 4" SS T/B system, (400.00 installed)
but havent got it installed yet(going outa town this week)

Have be readin all about blockers and sticks , but I REALLY dont want to go down this road.

Truck goes on a dyno on May 19 at a event near Blowing Rock , NC I,ll PM ya my read outs.


Pics of the new truck are in my garage. Whata ya think of those 954 Mottos on a white LB?

Custom shop said that was the best combo of wheels and tires theyve installed yet on a Chevy. Tires fit under flares perfect, (just a hare out on front) but they look and drive great.
Thanks again!:drink
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Its hard to compare one truck to another when there not on the same dyno on the same day. Two different trucks, two differnt dynos, two different days you could easily loose or gain 30-40 hp! 333 hp is not an unreasonable # to make on a stock lbz with an exhaust. especially when all three runs were so close in #'s !!!
HE was using the Manual shift on mine and running it in 4th gear and getting up to about 34-3500 rpms. I'll try and copy the sheet sometime and post it. All 3 curves look identical. I bought the PPE excelerator when I was there. I got a decent deal on it since all the ones on Ebay were like $200 more than what I gave. He first installed the 160 hp Tune. I changed it to 90 when I got home. I need to get some gauges so I don't burn anything up. My buddy's stock 99 PSD with Dual exhaust only made 220 hp and like 450 tq. His tranny kept downshifting.

No ses codes with the exhaust. I turned my muffler around backwards and it gave it a little more tone.
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