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Stolen GMC 3500

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So, when someone steals your truck, is there a way to track it?
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Do you have onstar activated with a current subscription?
Current OnStar. They have been notified. They tell me that nothing can be done until police report has been started. “Not what they told me when I signed up for OnStar”
Then get on the stick and get it reported, and make them aware that you have onstar active and they can track it and possibly shut it down
You can locate the vehicle using the phone app.
I’m waiting for the police to get here. It’s been an hour. The thieves will most likely shut OnStar tracking off by the time the cops get here
You can locate the vehicle using the phone app.
How do I track with app?
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@KB3500 ,

What happened?
It’s gone. Tracking immediately disabled. No way of tracking. OnStar is a total joke. They sold us on being able to shut off truck upon phone call
First off, sorry for your loss, hopefully insurance gets you towards whole in the end. I'm wondering how it is so easy to steal these things and how they so quickly and easily can disable an integrated system like this, it would seem some sophistication on this heist, or is it simply luck that keeps our vehicles in the driveway overnight each night? I know they found some hacks for the onstar to open the door and remote start, but they said they were unable to activate the car and drive it. Did they pull it onto a flatbed or break in and drive it?
Sorry @KB3500 ,
I have heard of these stories. The crooks have figured out how to quickly disable the tracking system. I might cancel mine, gotta think about it.
We should all make sure we have secondary tracking systems in our vehicles.
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Isn’t there a way to track the Wi-Fi hotspot signal from the truck? It’s active
OP, that really sucks. I read that all they have to do is cut the onstar antenna cable and it's worthless. do you know if they towed it? or if they "hot-wired" the truck. I hope the insurance claim is rapid and fair.
I hate people that steal!!!
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I think they just drove off. Police acted as though it was pretty easy for the thieves.
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