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Check out some of the behind the scenes action happening at Mishimoto HQ!

The shop was extremely busy this week with some serious product development in progress. We started by pulling a BMW 335i into the shop and tackling some of the issues with these vehicles. If you are familiar with the E90 series vehicles you will be well aware that significant intake, coolant, and oil temperature problems plague these cars to the point where driving on the track is more of a hassle than actual enjoyment. These vehicles were produced in sedan, convertible, and coupe form and are powered by a twin turbo (single for 11+ models) inline 6 that produces over 300 horsepower and torque. This week we were specifically targeting the coolant and intake temperature concerns with development of both an aluminum radiator and upgraded intercooler. Heat soak is a serious concern with the OEM intercooler, and within a few pulls into a fun track event IAT’s begin to climb. This results in decreased performance, and is not something you want with a Z06 breathing down your neck.

An OEM intercooler had to be sacrificed for testing. We inserted our bungs for temperature and pressure in the stock cooler to observe any pressure loss and temperature decrease across the core during dyno runs.

Here is a sneak peek of our preliminary designs; all three core types were tested to examine specific data differences. After a few days of testing and data collection our engineers are very pleased with the results and this project is moving in a great direction. Exact numbers will be released at a later date with dyno graphs and explanations.

Next we ventured from German muscle to a high revving rear wheel drive Japanese convertible known as the Honda S2000. These cars are fantastic driver’s cars and have been referred to as a Miata on steroids. With a 240 Horsepower four-cylinder that revs to the moon, this little rocket is perfect for both a daily driver and weekend cruiser. Observations have been made about extended track driving with a stock S2000, and they tend to run slightly hot oil temperatures when pushed hard. This expedites oil breakdown and lowers viscosity, which is not what you want when powering through a straight on your weekend track event, especially when that same car needs to get you down the road to work on Monday.

This 19 row cooler looks massive in the grille of this S2000 but I can assure you it fits like a glove and the cooling results are impressive. It is a direct fit, full bolt on unit with options for thermostatic control, and is a great package for a street car or track dedicated S2000.
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