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Im lookin to buy or build a sub box for my truck. Lookin at a down-firing under seat box as it can get more room and is probably a little bit louder than the behind seat box.

I have two Alpine Type R 10's layin around. Is it possible to make these fit under there? I can squeeze 7 1/2" under the back seat at max, Mounting depth of the Type R 10" is 6.8". How much do i fully need so the sub doesnt hit the floor?

I havent run the Type R's to much, and being the under seat box would have to be sealed, will they still hit the low notes like a 12" Sub?

I was also looking at some Kenwood mid-depth 12's that might be able to fit a little easier under the seat if i cant make the Type R's fit. Or should i just sell the Type R's and buy two 10" Kicker CVR's?

I would also like to see pictures of everyones set up's.

I have done many stereo's but all the vehicle i have done, i have never had to worry about restrictive space.


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they arn't expensive and make a nice downfiring box that will fit fullsized 12's
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