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suncoast trans shop/dealer

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this might be the wrong place to post, but does anyone know of a good reputable shop that sells/installs suncoast trannys in ohio or western pennslyvannia?
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Im wondering the same thing! I know most of the tranny shops east of Pittsburgh and I couldnt tell you one that Id trust one with my Duramax :rolleyes:

My buddy is a GM tech I'm sure we'll be doing mine in the future!

Personally, if I was that close to Merchant Automotive (Eric Merchant), I would take it there for him to work on. He is in Michigan and from what I hear is worth every penny when he does a tranny upgrade. I was reading on another forum where he removed an allison, upgraded it and reinstalled in about 4 hours. Go to and his number is on his site. This is definately something you would have to call in advance for.
give Matt a call from Powermax Performance in Salem OH PowerMax Performance he also has a Duramax called Powermax Xspress..
i have heard alot about merchant auto on some other forums i would like to find someone closer if I could, I am going to see what PowerMax Performance has to say. thanks for the suggestions.
leaning towards suncoast stage IV and 1057, i have also been looking at ats because I know of a shop that carrys and installs kits.
Stay with the Suncoast stuff. Much less headache.

If you are interested in doing the install yourself, I can send you the transmission and converter.
how much is the tranny and converter
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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