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Where did you end up mounting your Switch-Pros? I had one on my ‘16 4Runner and it was awesome… I haven’t seen any installs on the current HD trucks — do you have any installed pics?


I have 4 Baja Designs LP6 Pros with the combo driving pattern. Depending on the bumper I get I might add 1-3 more.

I wanted to wire them to a Switch Pros SP-9100 so I could have the following configurations on separate switches

-2 on the a-pillar mounts
-2 clears in bumper
-2 ambers in bumper
-2 Diode Dynamic SSC2 right side
-2 Diode Dynamic SSC2 left side
-2 Diode Dynamic SSC2 rear facing

Does anyone have any experience with the BD LP6 Pros and the 9100?

I was thinking maybe I should just wire them as highs and get rid of the low option since and 9100 gives you the ability to dim the lights
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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