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Switched 12v power source?

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I have an 07 Silverado Classic 2500HD LBZ EC SB. I need to wire in some accessories that need power only with the truck running. Where is it recommended to tap into a switched 12v source. Is there a switched power tap in the dash fuse box or the under hood fuse box? I could find nothing in the owners manual that recommended a source.
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how many amps are you pulling?? there are several ways to do this. If the devices are electronic, you need "clean" power with direct connections to the battery and a good ground... (the ground is most important) the best way is to always install a relay and an independent wire run from the battery. Then you can use the latch on the relay on any of the connections in the fuse box that have switched power... most all relays come with wiring instructions and you have the piece of mind that you are not stealing some other devices power... let me know how many amps you need and i can provide more ideas... :D
lol ^ i don't remember that post...

There are several wires you can tap under the steering column that will provide signal for a relay.

its naughty to "steal power" off another open source in the truck.

what are you looking at adding??
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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