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AMSOIL Synthetic 5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound (GFW) is based on proprietary technology resulting in a lubricant that does not use asphaltic materials, residual compounded oils or diluent solvents as part of the lubricant formulation.

Typical gear compounds are composed of asphaltic and residual oils cut with solvent to ease application and use. Synthetic GFW does not require solvents to assist the product in application and use, even in cold weather.

Benefits include:

Wide operating temperature range
Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
Forms a tacky, tenacious film
Resists sling-off and dripping
Excellent resistance to water washout
Protects ferrous surfaces from rust
Heavy-load-carrying and extreme-pressure performance
Environmentally preferable to solvent containing

For more information on this product or anything else AMSOIL offers, just PM me.
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