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tail lights, bed rails, running boards

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location of my truck is appleton wisconsin:54911
Bug guard for hood the black plastic things 20$ plus shipping

the grill insert and mirrors will also be for sale now! OBO

the tail lights are for sale without trade now 90$ OBO. thanks

i am selling the running boards and bed rails but would like to keep it local.OBO

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a location would be good to know....:rof...... i may would trade for the tails.....maybe you can post a better pic?
ya thats the only pics i have right now. i deleted the ones i had from yesterday for some reason. i will take more by this weekend after a fresh bath.

location is appleton wi. 54911

bump TTT i want to sell this stuff to make some money for my spray on bedliner!!!. i will take some pics tomorrow since im going to be entering the rig of the month for the first time.
bump ttt,

for the tail light trade i would like the 05-07 tails im pretty sure they are different not just rounded. if no one wants to trade in the next two weeks im going to tint the ones i got.
Nice looking truck for a poor college student!! LOL:drink
thank you sir. she is my pride and joy!!
bump it up.. all PM's have been replied to.
mirrors are also up for sale and maybe even the grill insert(pic has winter braw but i will post a pic of the grill without that on haha).
send some offers. i got some ideas for making a grill and im ordering
some tow mirrors soon
ill trade some stock tail lights for the bed rails
where are you located i think we could make something work.
im trying to get pictures of the tails but i shot them in raw and they arent converting right now. ill do it when i have time to play on photoshop.
im in owatonna minnesota if you wanna do somthing with the bed rails for tail lights
how much for mirrors
mirrors= i would like to get 100 power heated and siutgnal..

i have been scrambling to reply to all pms i am traveling. i will be be back in a week.

as for bed rails trade send me a pm and we can work it out
i am sending PM and emails back at the moment. sorry for the delay i just got back to the states this morning.
bump it up!!
no one wants any of this? i just want to get some money for my new mirrors and for the spray on bed liner. so feel free to offer me anything worth my while dont throw stupid numbers tho. haha.
i would really like to sell these things so i can get money for my mirrors before summer cause i tow a lot in the summer time and it will be amazing seeing beyond what im towing. shoot an offer.
Looks awsome man. Bump for ya.

What suspension system you running
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