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Went in to to dealer to complain about one cable having 1 1/2 in. slack. Was told it was normal by the tech, WTF I said. The service advisor went out and looked at his cables on his truck, the cables were much better than mine. I was given a copy of this bulletion.

98-05 Chevrolet/GMC All Full Size and Mid Size Trucks Tailgate Slack - kw 04007A GMT800 GMT355 endgate tailgateliftgate loose back bow door #PIT3227A - (Nov 19, 2004)

98-05 Chevrolet/GMC All Full Size and Mid Size Trucks Tailgate Cable Slack

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom described in the PI

Some customers may comment that with the tailgate down, one of the tailgate cables may have slackin it.

No repair attempts should bemade as this is normal, due to build variation . In most cases when weight is put on the tailgate, the slack comes out.

Okay my fat ass got on the very end of the tailgate & had the wife check if the slack was still there, guess what? Still there. What a bunch of BS .

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Have you tried a different dealer??? FYI I checked mine. One has a little slack in it with nothing on the tailgate. When I stand on it, it goes tight. Sounds like there is something wrong with yours. I would show them with you sitting on the tailgate at the next dealership. And they wonder why they have tailgate straps breaking..
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