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What do you suppose is accurate on how unreliable the L5P and any other modern diesel is, if it's not towing it's entire life?

Hard to say really. So many sensors to go bad and the emissions components are sensitive and problematic. The other issue is that dealer service is horrible and incompetent for the most part. Lots of these trucks get dumped on the used market with never ending problems. I'd at least find out the trucks service history at possible.

I don't tow with my truck much but I don't driven it nearly as much as the gas one I had. I know short tripping is bad for it and monitor soot and regens etc. I've got thousand's in extra parts, sensors, control modules, extra def tank, connectors, etc. But in the end here shortly all the problematic areas will permanently dealt with so I can quit worrying about it.

As someone else pointed out stepping up to a 2500 with the 6.6 gas would be your best other option.
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