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TAX MONEY TIME!!! What ya gonna spend it on????

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So that time of year is coming again. Whats everyone got planned how your gonna spend that tax money???

Mine is going straight to twins and a built trans that I am getting in july.
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Most likely a fifth wheel camper
Pay off credit card, then perhaps a camper.
My kids private school. If anything left beer for camping season:drink
Lucky for you guys getting $$$$$$ back. I owe $3000
truck payment and credit card
Rims, GN hitch, maybe some nfab step bars, bills and the rest goes in the bank.
Lucky for you guys getting $$$$$$ back. I owe $3000
Same boat here, I don't know what I owe yet though.
new york wont give there refunds back
build the tranny if it ever gets here lol...:drink
absolutely nothing. I'm saving it.
Go-Fast Goodies and Beer:rockin The rest i'll just waste.:D
EFI live and new tires!
already spent tires rims and lift kit
trans cooler
All you boys having to pay... That just means you make to much money doesn't it? Only person I've ever known that had to pay, made more than 6 figures.... (not 7 figures)
Being self employed I will pay in but had enough deductions to lower me a bracket saving me enough that I'll have the Trans rebuilt Thursday.
using mine for tranny fluid to put in the built tranny thats gonna hold the power from a turbo yet to be named (IDK lol)
I don't believe in giving the gov and interest free loan every year. So I will be paying in like always. If I had my way I wouldn't give them one dime until the end of the year but the wife won't go for that.
Seth I think a set of twins have your name on them.:rockin
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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