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it is a new body style lmm the ltz is the package it is what replaced the lt or lt3 packages: i understand performance upgrades will be a ways out but your screen name refers to tires any suggestions on lifts i have priced out a 6" fabtech for 2,550 installed 20"kmc chrome hoss wheels 449 each and 35" nitto's for 348 a piece how am i doin. also anything else to think about when lifting a truck gearing or anything otherwords there is enough power to get a guy buy thanks for any help in advance
I had a set of (5) 35" Nitto Terra Grapplers (for an 18" wheel) on my Duramax. I paid $250 ea. for them. I got them from Discount Tire Direct. I paid extra for high speed balance specific to a truck tire. I got 55k out of them and they wore evenly. DTD will balance and rotate for free if you live close to them and go there. They have a website where you can purchase also. See if they're near you. They sell good wheels cheap too.

On my '02 Duramax, I installed an RCD 6" lift (No 4" was available) that was cheaper than $2,550 installed (more like $1850). I went with RCD because at the time they were the only company who made a custom spindle that wouldn't interfere with the stock alignment, nor did I have to cut anything to install. It comes with Bilstein shocks (the only co. to offer that at the time) and my truck rode smooth like a cadillac and it handled really well. It held it's alignment forever and I go over curbs and logs on site all the time. I recommend that kit. They make a 4" kit now.

I put in a chip to help out because power was lost with the 35" diameter and 3.73 gear. With the chip the truck was awesome. I hear that changing gears to at least a 4:55 will help but that is huge money and I didn't want anyone to open my diff. I would advise to get something to correct the speedometer (mine registered 10mph slower). Otherwise the taller gear didn't matter as my power was more than enough.
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