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the dmax smoked a camaro

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had a guy talkin up his camaro its a 2000 body style he has a clutch in it and aftermarket intake lightened fly wheel and just thought he was all cool so i told him id be up for a race we went down to the bottom of my hill whare there is a long straight stretch of back road and i did a fourwheel drive launch on level 2 and smoked him i got about 3 or 4 car lengths on him in ruffly a quarter mile so we turned around he wanted to go again i said ok and did a 2 wheel drive launch on level 2 and he was still watchin the tailgate:neener moral of the story feels great to shut somones doors :rof
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Nice kill man! :drink

Where's the pics?
was havin to much fun to even think about the pics lol but as soon as i get my halo lights i will have new pics of my truck up they are ordered just waitin
Great would have been even better if it was a new Mustang...
nice job man :drink
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