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Does anybody know the thread size for the bleeder bolt on the thermostat housing? I want to install an aftermarket engine coolant temperature gauge and aside from drilling and tapping the center of the housing or putting a tee where the stock sensor goes, I don't know of anywhere else to put the sensor.

I've given some thought to using a top radiator hose adapter, but due to it's location it won't be reading the correct temperature unless the thermostats are open and flowing coolant to the radiator. I think the tee idea might work because it's on the upstream side of the thermostats, but its out of the direct coolant flow and may take a while to respond to temperature changes. And until I get all the cooling issues (the truck runs very warm when towing) solved, I need to put the sensor in a location that is accurate and responds quickly.

I've given some thought to a scan gauge, but I like the idea of a separate gauge on the pillar and not a target for some tweaker to try and do a smash and grab to get. Plus I have no idea where to mount a scan gauge.
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