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Hey guys I am trying to get some help on picking a new tire size. I have an 08 nbs with a 4 inch cognito lift. Right now I have 20X10 rockstar rims with 305/55/20 tires. I bought some new bmf rims 20x9 and want to get tires but do not want them to wide. the 305's I have now are way to wide for me and they also rub with the wheel cranked all the way. The old set of rims and tires came with the truck when I bought it I did not buy them. Anyways the new tire sizes I have picked out are:

275/65/20 BFG AT/KO 34" tall
285/65/20 BFG AT/KO 35" tall
285/60/20 GDY Silent armors 33" tall

Your opinions are welcome I need help choosing some new tires. If you have pictures that would be great to. Thank you for any help you can give.

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