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Should I tune it?

  • Yes, its worth it

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Efi is the way to go. If youd like pricing email me. That being said the ppe is the best "canned" on the market imo.

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So I have an 06 LBZ that is bone stock engine / trans / exhaust wise. Its paid for, has 123k miles on it and I use it to tow my 5th wheel.

I was waiting to have a couple grand saved up and get it tuned with EFI Live Idaho Rob trans safe tunes with the DSP 5 switch, and do a 5" exhaust with muffler since I travel to Boise once every other year for work and thought hey I'd drive my truck out this time around and get it done while I work my conference, then get to enjoy driving it back home.

However, now that they have been shut down from the EFI live tuning, coupled with a second kid on the way, which means tighter finances, I'm kind of at a cross roads on whether I should even tune the Dmax or not? I really don't care about a ton of extra power, maybe an extra 60hp and the ability to fix my speedometer since I'm running bigger tires. I really don't want to break anything, that'll end up costing me more $$$ down the road, but at the same time I keep reading about mild tunes that really open the truck up, and make it perform cleaner/better.

I've seen PPE's Xcelerator option:

And I've also heard of some other tuners out there, but just not sure if its worth doing at this point or not? Looking for opinions.
I have the same truck as you with 260K. PPE downpipe, K&N intake, 4" exhaust, 265s, and a 45 gallon RDS fuel cell/toolbox. Tuned with Kory's tunes DSP5 switch and I tow a 6,000 lb 5th wheel.
Pulling a 6% grades from San Bernardino to Reno, NV in 90+ heat last weekend I hit a few spots where the EGTs were 1350, the truck didn't want to back down, and the Edge displayed 224F engine temp.
Clutch fan kicked in and the truck cooled down. This was on his Level 3 tow tune. I didn't have many complaints other than I couldn't keep going 65 MPH up one hill because the alert set at 1350F kept going off.
MY EGT probe is in the passenger side manifold (I didn't install it there) so I've tossed around the idea of manifolds, but I don't know anything about how much they'd improve my EGTs towing. I don't expect them to magically make it possible to pull 6,000+ pounds up a 6% grade in 90F degrees and not hit 1350+ degrees for the whole thing.
Transmission hit about 180F cruising uphill and the hottest I saw was when I was towing through towns and it his 200-205 once or twice.

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Its always fun to spend someone elses money. If your truck is a fun hobby then go for it. Otherwise I think you are better off with what the factory designed. It would be nice to monitor fuel pressures, injector balance and all that but my preference is to get something that works with my phone thru the OBD2 rather than a dedicated device. I may be wishing for too much with a truck this old these days.

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Possible high EGT鈥檚 when tuned is the reason we suggest having a EGT gauge, depending on the hp tow tune you have could be the reason on the high EGT鈥檚.
What you need to do is let off the throttle a little to drop the EGT鈥檚, they won鈥檛 drop on there own.
It might be a good idea consider switching to a little lower hp tune and see what happens.

I know Kory tends to add a little more hp on his towtunes than most of the other tuners do now.
My heavy towtunes are rated @ 30-40 hp, very seldom do I ever see 1350, but if I do I鈥檒l let off the throttle a little.
13,500 lb 5th wheel, truck close to 8600 lb ready to travel loaded with driver and riders 60 gal aux fuel tank, lots of 7-9% grades.
About 8 years ago 60hp heavy tow, 80-90 light tow, NOW most are in the 30hp range heavy, 60 light.
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