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tow mirrors

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so i got a question, if i got W/T edition pickup and if i buy the tow mirrors and and it has the heat and signal will it all plug up???
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i think if your truck has rear defrost then the mirrors are heated the mirrors with heat and power should be plug n play..dont quote me on it though... are your current mirrors power?
see thats what i was thinkin. i dont have the heated window. but was also wondering on the signals
signals would have to be wired up there thats the way im going to have to go becuase i want the signals too but sorry i cant really help you out more on the whole heated thing i dont want to tell you something then it be wrong and cause a headache for ya
ya man what u said bout the heat makes sense.
thanks for your input tho man.
hey no problem ill help when i can(not very often haha):drink
i feel ya on that man. haha
I got the tow mirrors with heat and no signal on my W/T and they work perfect. I don't think signal will work unless you have the integrated signal in your stock mirrors to begin with
so u have the heat option on ur W/t??
Not really sure if the heat option works on mine or not its hard to tell. I ordered the mirrors with heat and no signal from and everything plugged in and works great.
i ordered the tow mirriors from discount with the signal but my original mirriors do not have signal i was told they would work is this in correct??
ive got a gmc thats doesnt have the signal but i didnt think it was heated but i went ahead and bought the heat, no signal mirrors and i think the heat works i never get any ice on them very happy i got them.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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