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Tow mirrors?

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Trying to find out which mirrors to purchase, my truck came without the tow mirrors but was told it is wired already for the tow type extendables. When I went to the parts dept, they were asking me if I wanted the heated with turn signal or non heated type. Truck is LT1 package, and removing the sail & door panels I do see the wiring, just not sure what level of control it supports. Anyone know how to tell to buy the right ones? Thanks.:confused:
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Do you have the rear window defroster? If you do, you have the wiring for the heat since the button for the rear window defroster turns them on. I guess it would come down to how much they were going to charge me for them. You might want to check on e-bay for could save quite a bit of money. You might have to have the dealer reprogram your BCM to control them. As far as I knew, to have the power extending ones you also had heated. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but that's what I have seen on other people's trucks and when they put them on sale. Almost all of them have been heated.

Check these out:

You will have to PM the guy if you have any questions or want to buy them.
Hi, Im new to this site and just bought an 07 chevy 2500 4x4 LBZ on saturday the 23rd. It is the LT1 package also and it came with the extendable towing mirrors with the turn signals in them. I am looking for some smaller mirrors, not extendable, and will sale them to you if you would like for a reasonable price. Reply or send me a PM if you want more info.

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