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TPMS - New Wheels?

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Got new wheels with TPMS and the TPMS's are not recognized by the truck. Is there anything I need to do to get them to be recognized so the warning light goes off?

The Warning is Service TPMS, the tire pressures are okay but are also not registered on the DIC.
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What brand of sensors did you get?

How are you trying to learn them?
Not really sure what brand of TPMS I got, I used SD Wheels and have a note out to them now as well.

I haven't tried to "LEARN" yet. thought I'd be better off asking before I did anything. The Owners Manual was not clear on what to do with new wheels. It did mention how to sync them after a rotation but I figured that is what I would do so that I got the right pressure reading to the DIC.
you need to relearn system. read in owners manual. you can use strong magnet.
With the ignition on but truck not running, push and hold lock and unlock on your key fob for a few seconds. Horn will chirp and DIC will show "Tire Learning Active" or something like that.

Left front parking/signal light will illuminate, signaling that you do this tire first. Let air our of the tire until the horn chirps. RF parking/signal light will illuminate next, do the same here, then RR, then LR. When it's complete, the horn will chirp twice and your sensors should be programmed. Then you just have to refill your tires back up to the pressure you want.
Important lesson I learned while doing this relearn process, don't shut the doors after pushing the lock/unlock buttons at the same time. I must have hit the lock button a nano-second before the unlock, the doors locked and I didn't notice and shut the door...I keep the spare set in the glove box in case I lose my keys while traveling and the truck is at the airport I can call Onstar and have them unlock the Onstar paid for itself that month really fast that afternoon in the shop....
RTFM... Followed the tire rotation/TPMS sync directions and all is well.
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